About Me

Here’s a few things about me…


  • I’m from a big Romanian family, my parents and most of my siblings have got the artistic gene
  • Living in Birmingham, UK
  • Chronically forgetful… I need a fixed routine otherwise I forget my keys, forget where I parked my bike, what day it is or who I’m supposed to see.
  • If I look deep in thought it’s probably because I’m trying to remember something
  • Scared of moths, I think their sole purpose in life is to bump into people, when they have so much space to fly around them
  • Big movie lover (Avatar is my favourite movie ever!!)
  • Quiet and love being by myself


  • Very good at painting the body in motion (I’m not being arrogant, it’s just the result of spending the past 12 years obsessing over the human form and working my a** off…)
  • First Solo Exhibition: JUST MOVE, Birmingham UK, March 24th (2017)
  • Created the JUST MOVE Project: 350 Paintings in 350 days (2016)
  • My Art is in over 30 private collections all over the world
  • Been part of exhibitions in London, San Francisco, Birmingham and Coventry
  • Graduated with a BA in Fine Art & Illustration from Coventry University (2013)